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It’s absolutely possible for an Australian, like you, to have it all. The only limiting factor to success in your success is you!

The Property and Investing podcast exists to help you overcome your limits. Hosted by Australian property investors Grant Merriel and Charley Valher, the show is dedicated to sharing information, insights and tools to help Australians, like yourself, build a stable, thriving property portfolio that unlocks your money and life goals.

Grant and Charley both dive into their own experiences with their fellow property experts and trusted professionals to help you become a successful property investor.


We all learn that adjusting quickly to our environment is crucial to success as business owners.

I got my first taste of business when I was 10. Pokémon cards were huge back then. So, I started trading, swapping, and selling cards. I knew then that business was for me. But, all good things must come to an end. The fad ended, but my pursuit of business never did.

Fast forward to 2012; I became an eBay merchant selling products imported from the U.S. and China. Making money was easy. All I had to do was sell the products for more than I paid for.

Then, I quickly learned that it’s not just about the product. It is also about the ranking on Google search! Having a great product doesn’t automatically translate to profit. That’s how I learned digital marketing.

As I’ve grown my business empire, I never stopped learning. In 2014, I ran my first 7-figure company and earned profits through Google and Facebook ads.

I followed that with the first company I’ve ever run, with over 100 staff – Outsourcing Angel.

Today, I’m managing my own podcast business, Valher Media.

Having built up and run several businesses, I was sure of one thing: I knew how to make money.

But I’ve also realised that: Making money and growing money are two very different skill sets.

My Business Owner Journey:


As business owners, we are relentless, determined, and eager to step up in every challenge thrown our way.

I got into business quite early, starting a DJ and entertainment business at the age of 16, getting friends and family to drive the equipment and I to parties.

My business journey took me from studying Entrepreneurship at university, to co-founding online digital marketing companies, to investing in software startups and advising budding entrepreneurs.

Along the way, I’ve mentored, coached or inadvertently helped over a thousand business owners in areas of SaaS, online marketing, e-commerce, project management and more.

How I approached building wealth back then was very different to how it is now.

Every bit of profit I made would go into investing in another business or doubling down on more growth. In total, I have personally invested almost a million dollars in acquiring and investing in various businesses. And this was the skill I spent a decade mastering.

However, running multiple start-up businesses at once took a massive chunk of my time. But the bigger reality that hit me hard was that businesses fluctuate, they can be demanding and they are reliant on good people – who come and go.

There’s no guarantee that each business will last. And, when a business starts to struggle, the first people to not earn are the founders and investors.

So, I realised that if all my energy is focused on just business, how do my wife and I get stability outside of it?

This seemingly difficult question led me to pivot towards leveraging my businesses to grow my personal wealth.

Ultimately, this approach allows me to build my personal wealth in preparation for a future when I may no longer be able to (or want to) draw profits from my businesses.

So let me ask you this question: Are you playing the game of Business to ‘Win’ or ‘Not to Lose’?

My Business Owner Journey:

We are just like you, Australian property investors, and everything we discuss is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only and is not financial advice. Always seek professional advice before making any decision when it comes to wealth creation.

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