EP 007: The Fixed Mortgage Rate Problem With Aaron Whybrow

What awaits property investors and homeowners who will be affected by the mortgage rate cliff in Australia? 

Having enjoyed lower interest rate repayments for some time, the significant jump in rates is causing panic. 

So in this podcast episode, we have brought in Aaron Whybrow to shed light on this economic issue. He explains what the mortgage rate cliff means, the impact it has on investors and property owners, and helpful strategies to soften the blow.

Grab your headphones and listen in. We’d love to know if you found this episode helpful.


All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Property and Investing
04:23 What is the mortgage rate cliff?
08:07 Differences in mortgage payments with the mortgage rate cliff
11:38 How many investors are preparing for the mortgage rate cliff
18:36 Impacts of the mortgage rate cliff on household owners vs. investors
21:59 Strategies to combat the mortgage rate cliff 
26:50 How rates will change for interest-only loans vs. principal & interest loans
30:08 Understand what strategy you incorporate as an investor
35:17 Potential impacts of mortgage rates cliff and how to deal with them
42:15 Recession, massive downfalls, are these just an exaggeration?
46:58 What is Aaron doing personally to prepare for the mortgage rate cliff?

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About the Guest:

Aaron Whybrow is the founder of Diagnostics and Finance, a Financial Broking and Personal Risk Insurance Business.

Diagnostics & Finance (ARW Financial Services Pty Ltd) is a Credit Representative 425540 of Finsure Finance & Insurance ACL 384704.

He is known as the ‘bagpiping mortgage broker’, who prides himself on having no ‘flats’ in his career. He blends his experiences as a former intensive care unit nurse and medical sales rep to provide the best outcomes for his clients.

To connect with Aaron and his team of mortgage professionals, head over to: https://propertyandinvesting.com/partners/diagnostics-and-finance/


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