EP 015: March 2023 Property Round Up

I believe that, as an investor…

It’s incredibly important to stay up to date with the market.

For me, one of the ways that I do that,
Is by reading the new CoreLogic Reports when they are released.


I found this recent March 2023 update incredibly interesting…

I’d even go as far to say that… It was shocking in some parts.

One of the topics that I’ve been following for some time,
( and that came up in the report… )

Is “supply-vs-demand” and its impact on,

Both the rental market and the capital growth value of dwellings.

Now, I’m not sure if you knew, but…

Australia is on track for net migration of more than 300,000 people this year,
( that’s 25% above expectations set by Treasury forecasts… )

Now, hey… don’t get me wrong here.

I can totally see the value in having a strong migration system.

For the most part – we are accepting university students, who not only support our economy but after studying, will become skilled professionals that will pay higher tax rates.

In general, I think that’s a huge win for Australia…

Unfortunately, the problem is that…

Future dwelling approvals (supply) are down by 27% this month.

Which means that Australia is going to struggle to meet the new demand if we can’t ramp up the rate that we are producing new dwellings.

If things continue the way that they are,
I can totally see this squeeze continue to get worse.

However, luckily for you…

In this week’s podcast episode, Grant and I will be recording our March 2023 Property Round Up,
So that you can stay up to date with the property market to make more informed decisions!

PS: Send us your thoughts on the current property market!
How are you planning and strategising for the future?e

All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

0:00 Introduction
03:33 CoreLogic report
05:04 Opinions on the unit market
10:45 Supply risk in the CBD areas
16:10 The land tax consideration
17:30 What if there was an oversupply of houses?
23:05 The imbalance of the housing supply and demand
24:40 Dwelling approvals fell by 27%
32:20 Legislation is the biggest property market risk
34:22 Building a new city
35:33 RBA raises rates by 0.25%
36:29 Economists have signaled that rates have gone too far
38:49 Mortgage differences in AU and USA
40:11 Impacts of rate rises for millennials vs. boomers  

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