EP 020: April 2023 Property Round-Up

Whether it be from my own experience,
Or from talking to a friend,

It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that


Things are really starting to break!

I’m not sure how much further we can afford to push our economy before we start seeing severe consequences on the more vulnerable members of our society.

If you haven’t read it yet…

This recent CoreLogic report was an incredibly interesting insight into how the economy is reacting to inflation and the effect of rate rises.

Now, before I get too ahead of myself,
Here’s the context.

Recently, the RBA has decided to “temporarily” (maybe?) pause interest rate rises.

Now, the way I am interpreting this is that…

Before the RBA overshoots the mark (by further increasing rates),
They’re pausing to give the economy a chance to show the effects of the past rate rises.

So, what’s the point of that?

Won’t inflation continue to spiral if we stop raising rates too soon?


Interest rate rises are lagging indicators.
Looking back at history, it can take up to 9 months to feel the effect of interest rate increases.

In my eyes, the effects of interest rates have done their job.

Following the past rate rises, inflation has been trending down, and consumer confidence has seemingly hit its lows.

Now, while I’m no betting man…
In the short term, I think we’re finally finished raising rates.

So, it begs the question,

What does that mean for Australian property prices?

Well, luckily for you…

In this week’s podcast episode, Grant and I are breaking down exactly that for our April 2023 Property Round-Up!

We’ll be discussing:
– Australia’s looming rental crisis
– Renting VS Buying with these current rates
– As well as our solutions, expectations, and more!

Tune in now!


All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Property and Investing
02:59 What we think about the rate pause 
07:19 Will the rates’ trend change this year?
11:04 Looking into the CoreLogic report
13:40 Renting vs buying a property with the current rates
24:51 Australia’s rental crisis 
35:53 Charley’s possible solution to the housing crisis
37:54 Adjusting your expectations 

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