EP 003: WTF is going on with lending?

Financing plays a huge role in our investing journey. 

But with the current state the lending industry is in, where interest rates and deposits are a lot higher compared to the previous years, it seems like we’re facing a huge roadblock. 

What do you do? 

Should you just give up on property investing altogether or is there a way to play the property game that will still be profitable to you?

Grant and I discuss our personal strategies and how we manage to cope in the present investing landscape we’re in in this podcast.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Property and Investing
03:05 Our experience with lending today
05:10 Financing can ruin a deal 
07:39 The lending is now the roadblock 
08:15 Rates and deposit requirements are higher now 
09:37 How are we thinking about property now 
13:25 Being privy to other lending options 
15:03 Optimising the current portfolio instead of acquiring 
16:50 Cash flow assets and what you need to consider 
18:23 Different environment, different strategy 
21:41 Frequency of checking financials
24:55 Does property happen in cycles or is it linear? 
28:58 Buying property in cycles – market timing 
33:48 Taking on a sh***y loan now will impede future moves

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