EP 031: Our Latest Property Investment Updates

One thing I can tell you for certain,
Is that your life circumstances are always subject to change.

Now, whatever the circumstances may be,
Just know that it’s okay to pivot strategies along the way.

So, to give you some context…

I went on a bit of a buying spree during the pandemic and acquired 8 properties in a year.

Now, let me tell you,
I definitely wasn’t planning on accumulating more in 2023.

My original plan for this year was to build cash reserves and wait for better opportunities.


This saw me make a huge effort to maximise every property in my portfolio…

So that even in the case that rates kept on climbing, we would still remain profitable.

Now, this included various refinancing, as well as renovations (both kitchen and bathroom upgrades),
Where the activities successfully improved our rental returns for these properties.


Now we’re halfway through 2023,
My portfolio has now consolidated down to a 40% LVR…

So, I’m beginning to think that we have actually consolidated too much!

By continuing to sit on the sidelines, I would underperform where I could be in 10 years’ time.
So, we’ve hit the point where we need to start accumulating again.

At the moment, with the current market climate…
We are missing out on opportunities, and our money is being eroded away by inflation.

So, my plans have changed.

I’m back in the market, hunting for opportunities again.

Fortunately, it feels like everyone is avoiding the capital growth approach because they’re more concerned with protecting their cash flow.

So, in true vulture nature…

I’m leaning in.

So join Grant and I as we dive into our latest property investment updates,
as well as the new acquisitions that I’ve been busy making!

PS: Come on, I can’t be the only one…. How has your 2023 investment strategy changed over the last 6 months?
Let us know by sending us an email.


All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Property and Investing
03:42 Grant’s recap on his property investing goal for 2023 
04:28 The accumulator halted; why and what’s next for Grant?
14:05 Knowing the impacts of buying a PPR as a property investor 
15:12 Shifting strategies, do you know the consequences? 
18:06 Environments change. Watch out! 
20:50 Change of my property investing goals 
25:00 I’m being too conservative now, this is what I decided on 
26:44 The abundance of growth opportunities 
32:41 The risk is not in the investment, it’s in the investor
33:58 Opportunities in the market in a cycle 
35:53 Malleability as a property investor 

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