EP 032: Getting Your Partner Onboard for Investing

When it comes to life’s big decisions,
Whether that’s moving from your hometown, deciding to start a family, buying your own home, etc…

There will typically be one person in a relationship who is more enthusiastic about the new idea than the other.

So, to tell you the truth…
Investing in property was one of those moments for Bianca and myself.

At that point in the market, there were plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t have been investing.

News sentiment was incredibly bearish

And we were in the midst of the Royal Commission into the misconduct surrounding the banking sector.

So, naturally…
I faced some resistance when I first asked her what she thought about building a property portfolio.

One of the critical turning points for us was when we both decided to read the book “Debt Millionaire” by George Antone.

For us, the journey of educating ourselves gave us the body of proof that we needed to then change our perspectives on the topic.

The more we began to understand it, the easier it was for us to make decisions.

After reflecting on what we had learnt, we both had the “difficult” conversation about what we each desired out of life.

(It’s actually a conversation we now have regularly.)

This conversation was the catalyst for our visions to align.

In the end, as you could’ve guessed…
We agreed that property was the asset that would deliver the outcome we wanted.

And Bianca sometimes runs harder at property than me 😝

Now, believe me…
It can be tough

Which is why I’m walking you through how I approach it.
This will ensure you don’t have to endure those awkward car drives or ruined family dinners like I did!

So, let’s get down and dirty…
As Grant and I talk about our experiences with getting our respective partners on board with investing!

Tune in now!


All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Property and Investing
02:23 Do you need to have your partner on-board if you’re a property investor?
04:02 What we expected from our partners when we started property investing 
10:40 How we got out partners on board with property investing 
17:16 There’s always an instigator and there is some resistance 
19:07 Overcoming resistance 
25:19 Advantages of having supportive partners
29:38 Having a joint vision 
30:03 Lack of communication and how can partners support each other
38:51 Personal development and money psychology 
43:43 Create a safe space to have hard conversations
44:48 How we’d structure our conversations on property and investing if we could do it again 
51:41 Shoutout to our lovely wives, Bianca and Hazel  
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If you enjoyed this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast!



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